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Job Applications - Our Top 5 Tips

Number One... If you’re searching for a role in design or the creative industries, an online portfolio is essential.

There are some great platforms with the sole focus of bespoke online portfolio creation at your fingertips… they're simple to use (and most are free!)

Some of our personal recommendations; -

Secondly... Work on your personal and professional development… and upskill!

As Oscar Wilde once said - “You can never be overdressed or over educated”

From Sustainable Fashion, through to Adobe Creative Suite and Pattern Cutting, you can find a plethora of industry related short courses at ;-

To name but a few!

Number Three on our list... Keep your LinkedIn profile current and relevant… is your profile photo professional, all the while portraying who you are?

Does your profile summary contain key words that not only display your skills and experience, but will also ensure you appear in potential employer searches?

Have you included links to your online portfolios, personal brand websites and professional social pages?

Sounds basic, but is your career history up to date?

And the section we love – Recommendations (aka testimonials)… have you asked your previous colleagues / line managers / tutors to recommend you?

Four... Tailor your application to the job – one size most definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to applying for a job. We received so many “standard” cover notes with CV’s that haven’t been “personalised” to the role applied for. Read the job ad in great detail, and make reference to the key requirements of the role, in line with your experience and expertise

And Finally... Ensure your CV is neat, clean by design and no more than 2 – 3 pages long. Your career history should be in chronological order (starting with present day, working backwards)… and always send in pdf format

Don't forget that we're always here to assist you get new-fashion-job-ready - drop us a line at - we'd be very happy to help!

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