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Create & Develop Soundtracks: Mat's Playlist

For September's Playlist we're hugely happy to introduce you to accessories and equipment specialist Mat Booth and his brand Both Barrels.

"Both Barrels is founded on a principal of confidence in simplicity. We design, develop & manufacture travel goods & are proud to manufacture in the UK. Each piece is designed with real-world practicality in mind, harnessesing only the best possible materials, components & experienced craftsmen to build.

The brand was born out of a decade of international business travel, commuting & insight in to the changing face of the working world. We seek to combine functionality with Danish-led aesthetics which reflects our inspirational multi-cultural community.

Both Barrels also offers design & development services across apparel, equipment & accessories with experience in branding, graphics, packaging & PoS too. We've worked with all sorts of scales of businesses across a wide variety of specialist projects and he's always keen to discuss new work.

I’ve chosen the tracks for a variety of reasons – some energetic, some nostalgic and some to work by!

The first four tunes are the genre I am most likely to be listening to whilst designing, creating or developing ideas. I much prefer beat led music for these types of activities which help to create a sense of rhythm and timelessness to my work.

The Smiths, of course, remind me of where I am from and the possibilities of deep complexity to lyrics and music. I have been a big fan of them since University where there was much more time available to listen more intently to the content. I’ve always found Morrissey to be a genius rather than an angry vigilante – I listen with a pinch of salt!

Portishead reminds me of driving in my first car at age 18. Initially on cassette tape, then, excitingly on a CD player!

The Gomez and Yeah Yeah Yeahs tracks remind me of a couple of my oldest friends and long flights to the Far East. I’ve always struggled to watch films whilst flying so generally pass the time with music. And many, many pretzels!

The Nas and Amy Winehouse tracks use the same beat but in totally different ways – I’ve always loved this idea of innovation around using similar parts to make something new with. It helps that both tracks are bangers too!

I can’t select a desert island discs’ without representing Hip Hop and Trip Hop. These two genres were presented to me at school. They remind me of a very vibrant, multi-cultural, sixth form common room. The musical education there was certainly rich and varied!

The last three tracks remind me of three of the biggest influences on my life and career to-date – my mum, my dad and my grandma. Without these I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today and I am very grateful to each of them for their influence on my direction.

Huge thanks to Mat for creating his fabulous and eclectic Create & Develop Soundtrack for September, in addition to sharing the fascinating story behind his brand evolution and ethos. We hope you enjoy - happy listening!

To discover more about Mat, his brand and his work, visit;-

Stream Mat's Playlist HERE


1. Burial - Archangel

2. Jamie XX - All Under One Roof Raving

3. James Blake - CMYK

4. SBTRKT - Living Like I Do

5. The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

6. Portishead - Glory Box

7. Gomez - Here Comes The Breeze

8. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll

9. Nas - Made You Look

10. Amy Winehouse - In My Bed

11. Notorious BIG - Juicy

12. Massive Attack - Teardrop

13. Bill Withers - Lovely Day

14. Eric Clapton - Bad Love

15. Nat King Cole - Let There Be Love

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