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Create & Develop Soundtracks: Rachel's Playlist

For August we're excited to share with you the sunshine inspired musical soundtrack of Rachel Geelan along with her inspirational story behind her brand "Nutritional Beauty".

A highly successful Account Manager within the branded sports sector, Rachel has realised her dream of creating a natural skincare range using ethically and locally sourced ingredients.

Read how a chance discovery on a trip to San Francisco sparked her journey (and listen to the music that inspired her along the way).

"I started my fashion career working at House of Fraser in Manchester part-time for pocket money at college then landed a job on the Paul Smith concession where I worked for a few years before leaving to help set up the first adidas originals concept store where I was on the management team for 4 fabulous years.

During that time I met a lot of inspiring and influential people within the industry and wanted to continue my journey in fashion, however I felt my time in retail had come to an end as I'd developed a passion for visual merchandising. On my pursuit for this job I was lucky enough to land my first account manager role with KSwiss (which is where I met the lovely Kerry). This then led to an amazing job with Puma looking after some outstanding independent accounts throughout the whole of the UK, both in retail and online.

The time came to leave to start a family and now I have a beautiful son William who is 2 and quite the handful. I also became my husbands full time carer and was home pretty much everyday. Something was missing... I'd always been into promoting self care and living a healthy lifestyle. I was forever searching for natural products that would benefit my skin and my wellbeing, it pains me to think how much money I've spent during my adult life on skincare products alone.

One day in San Fransisco I came across a beautiful brand Evan Healy who's ethos on making her products and how to use oils and hydrosols really ignited a passion to create my own. I was spending a lot of time and money sourcing these products and decided one day to have a go at trying out my very own lip balm using locally sourced natural and organic ingredients.

Nutritional Beauty was born and has developed at quite a rate as I am always in my kitchen experimenting and creating a fabulous range that have become my staple products. My ethos is personal touch, its spending the time with my clients to understand their needs and to deliver products tailored to suit them. Handmade soy candles are the next addition for the back end of this year just in time for christmas and gives that added indulgence to my pamper beauty boxes.

The radio is always on whilst I work and not just in the background its on loud and gets me geared up and feeling the positive vibes to inspire me."

Stream Rachel's Playlist HERE


1. Aretha Franklin - Rocksteady

"A tribute to the Queen of Soul"

2. Chaka Khan - Like Sugar

"This most recent Chaka track is like her old stuff, so clever. This sound is incredible and super cool"

3. John Mayer - New Light

"His voice is stunning"

4. Monie Love Feat. True Image - Its a Shame (My Sister)

5. Fac 15 feat. Cathi Ogden - Twisted By The Pool

"Reminds me of the obvious, lying next to a pool in the sun"

6. Gorillaz Feat. Dram - Andromeda

7. Ludovico Einaudi - Nightbook

"This man is very talented, this track reminds me of a Summers night, and half way through the song you can here larks in the background which always reminds me of Summer"

8. Michael Jackson - Beat it

9. Donna Summer - Bad Girls

10. Daft Punk - Lose yourself To Dance

11. Lindstrom - I Feel Space 12. Mr Scruff - Shrimp

"adidas days"

13. Yasmin Archer - Sleeping Satellite

"Remember listening to this loving her voice, I used to sing this over and over in the car"

14. Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle

"This has been with me for 15years. Its one that stays and can't seem to shift it, such a beautiful piece of music"

15. Giorgio Morder - Electric Dreams

"This was always on in adidas and reminds me of simpler times"

I've put together an eclectic bunch of tracks some old some new all mean something to me and remind me of summers gone by. I find it quite difficult to choose 15 songs as I have such a huge selection of music however I think this is a little taster into my musical world.

I hope you all enjoy them!

Rachel x

Connect with Rachel and discover more about her beauty-with-a-conscience ethos portrayed via her luxury products and boxes

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