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Create & Develop Soundtracks: Wynne's Playlist

Menswear Designer and good friend of Create & Develop, Wynne Saunders has hand picked some his favourite sounds especially for us to share with you and inspire your working week - hope you enjoy!

"Hello, my name is Wynne Saunders, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked as a designer for some amazing companies over the last couple of decades. I’m currently employed by BOI Group in the heart of Manchester, where I predominately design Menswear and Boyswear for a variety of High Street retailers, football clubs and also in-house brands. I’m really lucky in that not only do I love what I do, I also love working with the people that I do also.

My playlist has been curated from a lifetime of being influenced by the many amazing people I’ve met along the way (Kerry included....she has fabulous taste in music!), Shazam-ing tracks I’ve heard in shops around the world whilst on inspirational shopping trips, mooching around for hours in Piccadilly Records in the NQ, or hounding DJ’s in nightclubs to tell me what tracks they’re playing.

I hope you like it, as it’s been a real challenge to whittle it down to just 12 tracks!"

Click HERE to stream Wynne's Playlist

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