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A Day In The Life: Design

Have you ever wondered what happens during a day in the life of a Designer?

Maybe you're about to graduate and you're considering Design as a career?

We spoke to Denise Reynolds, who heads up the Design Department for Manchester based Menswear brands Bewley & Ritch and Jiggler Lord Berlue.

A true Menswear aficionado, Denise graduated in Knitwear Design at Nottingham Trent University and has since built an impressive career in Menswear, designing for British heritage brands such as Crombie and John Smedley.

CREATE & DEVELOP; We're sure that no two days are the same Denise, but what does your typical day as a Designer look like?

DENISE; Well, my days are quite different depending on what part of the season it is. It can go from designing new styles, researching, putting together mood boards, inspirations, checking the catwalks and designer shows, selecting new fabrics, colours and trims. Or I can be fitting new samples styles, carrying out approvals for production and working closely with the production department.

I source all of our fabrics via our factories from Turkish fabric houses as well as from cloth shows and cloth agents. I am always on the look out for new fabric mills and fabric techniques that we can use.

You're right - no two days are the same which is why I love designing!

CREATE & DEVELOP; What do you love most about your job?

DENISE; There are so many great things about my job but most of all I love seeing something that I have initially created from an idea come to life in the form of a great garment that people want to buy and wear. Along with this being free to draw and create clothes for a living is a dream. Having lots of creative influence over the collections I work on is a great thing also.

I also get to travel for inspiration and development - I mainly travel to Turkey, Istanbul and Izmir. I have also been to China, Bangkok and India in the past.

I also love to get out comp shopping for inspiration, and regularly do Manchester, Leeds, London. I also visit trade shows such as Moda, London Textile Fair.

CREATE & DEVELOP; Why is the role of a Designer so significant?

DENISE: This is a tough one! All aspects of the development process are important, but for me the design element is where the whole process begins. It can be an idea I have combined with a current trend that can be the start of the collection.

CREATE & DEVELOP; What's your favourite product area to design?

DENISE; I couldn't possibly choose a favourite - I just love Menswear!

CREATE & DEVELOP; Finally - who or what inspires you the most?

DENISE; My biggest inspiration has to be my Mum. She has always been full of creativity and ideas not to mention an amazing seamstress who can make anything. She has always taught me that with fashion there is not right or wrong answer which is something I love about it.

You can view our live opportunities in Design at and contact us directly for further advice at

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