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ACE THAT INTERVIEW! Those Essential Basics...

Whether you're just starting out on your fashion journey or on your quest for further career development, no two interviews are the same!

Your pre interview prep should be however - here are our top ten tips... following our basics blueprint will take you to your interview with confidence.

1. DO YOUR RESEARCH - Information is knowledge and knowledge is power! So much info is readily available at your fingertips. View company websites, research the hiring managers and department heads. Check them out on LinkedIn, search their company pages on social media. Google them to gain recent news stories.

2. LOOK THE PART - Be professional, well groomed and adhere to company culture and team fit. Is the business you're interviewing with corporate or creative? Do your homework and dress to impress.

3. YOUR STORY - Take along copies of your up to date CV, a pad and a pen. If any unexpected interviewers are brought in, you can let them have a copy, plus you're equipped to take notes throughout the meeting which shows potential employers that you're keen and interested.

4. SELL YOURSELF - What are your biggest achievements? Whats your USP? What experience do you have in relation to the role? Also compile a list of questions that you may want to ask at the end of your interview. This once again displays enthusiasm and your interest, that you're taking the meeting seriously.

5. YOUR JOURNEY TO SUCCESS - Plan your journey to the meeting venue and give yourself enough time to arrive early and collect yourself before you meet your future employer.

6. YOUR BIG ENTRANCE - It's true that first impressions count so give your best smile and offer a firm handshake. Show the same amount of respect to each and every person that you meet on the day.

7. BE ALL EARS - Ensure you listen carefully to everything your interviewer says throughout the meeting and ANSWER each question without going off on a tangent (which is easily done!)

8. NEVER, EVER - discuss salary at your first meeting unless you are prompted by the person interviewing - it's simply bad etiquette.

9. BE INQUISITIVE AND ASK about the next stage at the end of your interview. Will there be a second stage? Will you be briefed on a project? When will you be likely to hear whether you've been successful?

10. GIVE THANKS, follow every meeting with a thank you email. Register your interest. Let your interviewer know you enjoyed the meeting. Thank them for their time.

Here at Create & Develop we have been preparing candidates for interview for almost twenty years. If you'd like some additional advice on how to ace it, please get in touch - GOOD LUCK!

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