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The Designer Journal: Self Isolation

As we all know by now, a lot has changed since my last post. Looking back at those initial few glorious days of working from home when we were all excited about the prospect of lazy mornings of breakfast in bed and the legendary bed-desk, things have become much more serious.

My soon to be Father-in-law recently sent me an article from The Times, entitled, "How the High Street’s Big Boys Leave Suppliers in the Lurch on the Other Side of the World". This article focussed on Sri Lanka; my biggest client is a factory based in Sri Lanka so this really struck a nerve with me.

The world is on lock-down. I'd just had a video call via WhatsApp with my Product Manager in Sri Lanka and she told me they're not allowed to leave the house at all. The bread guy comes around twice a day, the fish guy too as well as the veg guy. And if you'd like chicken, you have to place an order with the shops.

She’s busy caring for her Father and tending to their amazing garden, which has banana trees as well as looking after her two dogs (who are so happy to have her home all day).

Primark have reportedly cancelled all of their orders which are yet to leave the factory, whilst H&M and Next are said to be covering the raw materials costs for their factories.

Peacocks have cancelled orders in production and have told their suppliers they will only accept the dispatched goods at half the agreed price!

In Bangladesh (where clothing makes up 84% of the country’s $40.5bn exports), the situation is especially precarious, “The cancellations blew us away, It’s not like we don’t understand the situation - we do, its apocalyptic. But they should work through the problems with us rather than just sending cancellation notices to their vendors who have been by their side for so many years. Where is the consideration? Where is the partnership?" said Rubana Huq, president of the BGMEA.

I would recommend a read of this article if you have access. The question we are all asking is how long will this go on for, not to mention the number of worldwide fatalities we have seen from this terrible virus. Scrolling through the many news stories online daily, there really there are simply no words.

Now more than ever it is so important for us all listen to the government’s advice and stay home to help protect ourselves and others and support the NHS. They really are incredible, working tirelessly to save us and putting their own lives at risk everyday.

During this time at home, it is also important that we keep positive for our mental health and try to re-structure our days, creating a new routine for ourselves. Structure and purpose are very important at this time (to quote my late Grandad, who by the way lived to the grand old age of 99!. He was an incredibly wonderful man!)

Good health rules to live by;-

  • Water - stay hydrated

  • Exercise regularly

  • Eat more frequently - avoid ‘junk’ food

  • Brain - keep active mentally

  • Sleep - very important

  • Eat less sugar

  • Avoid red meat - eat chicken & fish

  • Weight training - lessens fat, builds muscles & bones

  • Avoid high calorie meals - they create fat

  • Vitamin C, RDA essential

  • Keep your body vigorous with exercise

  • Do something interesting - this keeps your brain & body alert.

  • Movement essential - keeps muscles active & ‘workable’

  • Involvement in actives - friends, hobbies, etc,

  • Pet owners - healthier

  • Honey improves vitality & long life.

  • Having an optimistic attitude to life helps keep you younger.

  • Love your Life - life is a gift from God - Enjoy!

  • Laughter in itself is a healing medicine - tell a joke!

  • Count your blessings - a psychological exercise which brings results and makes you realise what you have achieved in life.

  • Avoid stress - do something for ‘yourself’ at least once a week - but preferably every day!

  • Think Positive - laughter is important!

About Our Author: Amy Poole Design is a Suffolk based design agency, specialising in multi product garment and graphic design including trend forecasting and analysis. Amy has over 15 years experience of working with high street / online retailers, brands and suppliers specialising in women's, men’s and childrenswear with a sound understanding of market dynamics and consumer wants, meaning her designs meet the needs and aspirations of her clients’ target markets.

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