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TRENDING: Ruby Chocolate

It has been a month since Easter so it’s ok to start talking about chocolate again, yes? Especially if that chocolate is new to the chocolate family and comes in an eye-catching, trendy pink shade...

Ruby chocolate has been in production for more than a decade but it was only last September that Swiss Chocolatier Barry Callebaut, the world’s largest cocoa processor, introduced Ruby to the waiting world. In joining the traditional chocolate family of dark, milk and white, ruby has no added flavour or colour. Instead, its vibrant shade is naturally derived from the ruby cocoa bean, an existing botanical cocoa bean, identified as having the correct attributes to be processed into chocolate.

Now Nestlé has brought out a version of its four fingered Kit Kat in this instagrammable treat. April 16th saw the exclusive launch of Ruby Kit Kat in Tesco across the UK, the first European country to try it, following on from a successful launch in Japan and Korea. So, with all my Easter Eggs eaten, I simply had to quick step it down to my local Tesco Extra to give it a taste test. All in the name of work!

The packaging is a delightful pink shade, standing out perfectly in the sweet aisle. My initial thoughts were that it wasn’t dissimilar to white chocolate, in that it tasted far creamier than dark and milk. But then, quite quickly, the fruitiness, a bit like berries and cream, hit me. It is undeniably rich, so, for me, 4 fingers are more than enough in one sitting, but I love the fruity aftertaste and the fact that it has its own unique flavour, to complement the rest of the chocolate family. As Baltasar Valles Pamies, Research and Development Category Lead at Nestlé, points out, “it is very different from anything you have tried before.”

However, I’m not just excited at the prospect of even more chocolate to eat. As a fashion lover with an interest in how absolutely anything can inspire trends, from what we wear to how we decorate our homes, a vivid new sweet in millennial pink has to be a sure-fire hit. Not sure quite what shade of pink it is? Think of the top tier of the Grand Budapest Hotel, a pink with the blue taken out of it, not to be confused with rose gold, and much, much lighter than Schiaparelli’s shocking pink. That said, it’s not a shade that everyone can agree on.

Put simply, it’s a pink for the modern era, genderless and totally suitable for Instagram. So whilst, for some, Ruby Chocolate might lean towards the darker shades of millennial pink, this new chocolate invention will undoubtedly lend itself to many an Instagram post, especially if it becomes next year’s most sought after Easter egg.

Ruby Kit Kat: 80p at Tesco, or 2 for £1.30

About Our Author: Katie Calvert's background is in fashion and textiles with a first class honours degree in Fashion Communication and Promotion and experience in trend, PR and events. She decided to take the plunge back into education in 2015 to complete a Master of Arts in Multimedia Journalism. Using these newfound skills and her love of fashion and culture, Katie has been freelance writing for over a year.

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