Seeing Rejection As Redirection

May 25, 2017




We’ve all experienced the feeling of rejection at some point in our career - that bruised ego, the heartfelt disappointment, the feeling of deflation, confidence dented. But more often than not, rejection can be flipped on it’s head and become a hugely positive learning curve. 


In this post, we will give you some simple pointers on how to approach rejection confidently, constructively and take what can be transformed into great positives from what seems like the negative.


Typically, you may have experienced the following scenario's whereby you've felt workplace rejection...


Being turned down for that much anticipated job promotion


Not being offered the dream job you’ve interviewed for


Non assignment of a big project you’d love to get your teeth into


Losing out on a covetable business win to a competitor


A tough one to adhere to, but your first step should be to not take it personally - taking workplace rejection to heart is energy sapping and counterproductive. Once you’ve got over the initial disappointment, the best and most positive thing you can do for you is pick yourself up off the floor and objectively look at the reasons why you’ve lost out.


So shut down that negative voice in your head! Once you’re feeling less emotive you should...





Weren’t given that assignment? Maybe the task was given to the person who was simply more qualified


The lost business win? Maybe it just came down to budget


Overlooked on promotion? If you talk about it you may find out that it's in sight for you in the near future once you’ve gained more experience


Didn’t get that dream job offer? It may be down to future structuring or the successful candidate may simply have had more specific experience in line with what the employer was looking for 





Positively request the specifics, ask if there’s anything you could have done better in order to make it happen





Use your feedback constructively - set yourself a plan of action


Talk to your line manager about how you can successfully achieve your goal


Diarise regular performance reviews and set key dates of achievement



Then dust yourself down, wear your best smile and go for it!



Good Luck! x



Kerry is Create & Develop's Founder and Director - she launched Create & Develop in the Summer of 2015 after ten +  years of establishing Fashion retail divisions for global agencies. A trained Designer, Kerry is a specialist in Fashion Design & Development within retail and supply and has first hand industry experience spanning two decades - meaning she has a genuine and first hand understanding of the roles she recruit for.

Kerry's philosophy is simple – to provide a bespoke service, connecting her network to the very best talent with passion, expertise and knowledge.





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